Being Served

I have noticed recently that I do not particularly enjoy being served.

If I am at a restaurant I have noticed this need within me to make sure that I put the waiter at ease by being over polite, over attentive and over appreciative.

I think I do this to compensate in situations where I am with friends or family who treat the waiters as servants which is simply intolerable for me.

A couple of years ago we took some close friends to a local Indian Restaurant which me and my wife and children frequent very regularly – in fact, it is our favourite restaurant.

Our friends were quite dismissive to the staff and the evening was spoiled for both me and my wife and yet we managed to keep our feelings to ourselves.

The following week, we booked to go to the restaurant alone and explained how disappointed we were with the attitude of our friends who just seem to have a much looser regard for the people who provide a service to them.

I think the origins of my respectful approach to being served comes from the fact that it is in only relatively recent times that I have been able to afford to eat out on a regular basis and I still appreciate the luxury of being served.

It is a key aspect of my value system which I want to retain, as I transform by inner self, because a pre-requisite to loving self is an ability to be loving and respecting of others too.

My next blog will be:   Are you happy?

William Defoe

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