I’ve Started to Stroke Dogs

In one of my recent reflections, in which I converse with my inner voice, something came up which I had not expected  – I recalled that I’ve started to stroke dogs!

So, whats new here?, I ask myself

Response, from somewhere quite deep – “well you don’t really like dogs, you’re afraid of them and what is more…..you never used to stroke dogs”

So, why am I stroking dogs?.

My mind takes me to a recent trip to the coast.

I am walking along the beautiful coastal footpath, with my wife, when below us an elderly lady with a dog is walking on an adjacent path that converges on ours just a bit further along.

We meet, as if it had been arranged at that converging spot, and the dog looks to me for a greeting – a black Labrador – nice dog and without hesitation I stroke it and say “you’re a beauty, yes you are!”

Oh, I’m also talking to them too!

You see, what I am noticing, on my journey of self acceptance, is that in finding love for myself after years of anguish, I have plenty of love to spare for others.

Dogs seem to me to be always prepared to give love, it is only right then that I should give some of my love back in return.

My wife says as we move forward, “I thought you didn’t like dogs”

I say, “so did I, but I do now!, I keep stroking them”

Well we’re not getting one”, she says


My next blog will be: Perspective

William Defoe

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