Holding Back

Recently I attended an outdoor brass music festival with my wife and we took along some camping chairs and a picnic to enjoy whilst we listened to the wonderful music.

I had no sooner sat down when I became aware that a family group in front of me were a chair short for a young girl aged about twenty years old.

The girl was quite happily sat on the floor, but my reverie was interrupted by this nagging sensation that I had a spare chair in the boot of my car and that it was in my power/gift to solve the problem.

My inner voice speaks up – what problem? who’s problem? is it a problem for you to solve?

I decided to hold back….

Still the inner dilemma was interrupting my enjoyment of the music  – if I just went for the chair – all would be alright and I’d once again be lauded by all for my generosity and kindness.

I continued to hold back…..

My inner voice reminding me that there was not a problem and that nothing in the young girls demeanor or for that matter of her mother, sisters and aunt suggested that her situation on the floor was a concern.

I focused my thoughts on the wonderful array of bands and music and the warm sunshine and the sheer bliss of the annual event.

As I left the festival, I felt strangely strengthened by my ability to hold back and not to intervene to resolve a perceived problem that I had generated in my mind.

Yes, I felt strengthened, but resolved that if at any time I had been made aware that the young girl had wanted a chair, I would have offered to bring her one!!

My next blog will be:   “From a Distance”

William Defoe

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