Prelude in Classic Style

A few days ago I was driving home alone from work, when after having come to the end of my period of silence I reached out into my glove-box and pulled out a CD at random – A Genesis in Harmony – Church Organ Music played by Carlo Curley.

It is a CD which I purchased at am Organ Recital given by Carlo Curley at an English Cathedral a few years ago.

The track that I forwarded onto was “Prelude in Classic Style” by composer Gordon Young and within moments of the track starting I welled-up with emotion at its brilliance.

The tone is high pitched, the pace is fast and the music repetitive with occasional interludes of skipping beats which set my heart racing. The repeating notes moving up scale as if speaking and then downscale as if responding – absolutely marvelous with sporadic jingling sounds throughout.

As the piece comes to an end the noise from the quick notes gets louder and louder and more intense and then cascades down as if on a hillside punctuated by abrupt breaks in sound as the music moves into the grande finale still skipping along until a top note is reached and held for a few seconds until the great dying crescendo of slowed down notes brings the piece to its conclusion.

The music reminded me in a joyous way of my life, intense, emotional, stressed at times, conflicting inner messages getting lost in the chaos of life and missing the little moments of joy which certainly have occurred because of the repetitive background noise of anxiety and fear.

But as I listened to that joyous sound, I felt as if in this present moment I was a spectator to all that strife and that in some way it was playing back my past life from a place in the present of vibrant joy – and this is possible for me because I am learning how to be calm, even in the midst of chaos – can you try to be the same?!

My next blog will be: Water off a Duck’s Back

William Defoe

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