Goodbye Kiss

The last thing I do each morning as I leave for work, is to go to find my wife in which ever room she is in and give her a goodbye kiss.

Over the years I have sadly and foolishly often used this as a “weapon” by leaving the house without this ritual kiss of love as a way of communicating with her that things are unsettled between us.

In very many recent months of my journey of truth and self acceptance, there has been no gap, no matter how provoked I have felt, I have sought her out from under the hairdryer or the blusher brush or towel, to plant my kiss and say “goodbye love, have a nice day”.

I enjoy ending the kiss with a a kiss on her nose or woodpecker kisses on her lips or lingering on the kiss just beyond what is “normal” until she is forced to laugh.

Better still are the funny comments that I might add, such as “not now love, there isn’t time for all that” to her quick retort, “it doesn’t take you that long – are you sure?”

Last Tuesday, I was leaving for work and my wife was sat opposite me in the kitchen so I did not have to go look for her. As I walked over to her, she lifted her head in anticipation of my kiss. I kissed her, said “goodbye love, have a nice day” and walked to the door.

I turned around and called to her “In future, don’t pucker up for a kiss – my kisses are a gift, not a right”     (smile!)

My next blog will be: Shantytown

William Defoe

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