Demis Roussos

I was sad to hear that the wonderful Greek singer Demis Roussos has died at the age of 68 years old.

I can’t claim to be a massive fan, but as I watched his performances on You Tube I was very moved and here is why:-

1. I had not seen him perform since I was a child of perhaps 10 years old. I was reminded of the times when my Saturday night relaxation was watching Saturday evening entertainment with the dual treats of a fizzy drink and a bag of sweets, A time in my life when the origins of my later unhappiness were already sown but had not become a destructive force within me.

2. The voice of Demis Roussos, its accented English and its most beautifully high pitch touched my core as I listened to him – particularly “Forever and ever” which was a wonderful surprise because it was unexpected.

3. The uniqueness of Demis Roussos in the way in which he expressed himself in his clothes, the amazing Kaftan’s and boots together with his big physical qualities. This spoke to me of the uniqueness of all of us which we can sometimes lose in our efforts to conform to a belief or a familial or friendship group ideal to which we do not necessarily fit.

Demis Roussos died on the day in which the Greek people expressed their democratic right for change. They lost a dear son. May he rest in peace. God Bless all the people of Greece.

My next blog will be: Thank you for hearing my request

William Defoe

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