Evening Meal

At the start of the year I introduced a change to an aspect of my daily living which has had a profound effect on me with a knock on effect to members of my family.


So what is the change – here it comes:-


For as long as I can remember, I have arrived home from work late after my family have eaten and I have sat in front of Channel 4 News at 7.00 pm eating my evening meal.

Late last year, I stopped putting the television on but I still sat with my meal on  my lap. I noticed that I had created an opportunity for conversation, actually an opportunity for me to listen and to  be supportive and supported.

The move to the kitchen wasn’t a new years resolution, it was a sudden impulse which builds onto the steps I took last year to be available.

Sometimes I sit on my own and I will eat in silence, but my head is not silent it is processing and celebrating the inward calm created by my outward availability. It does not have to be utilised to be worthwhile!

Often I am joined in the kitchen and capture precious moments with my daughters, moments of a mundane “how was your day?” have a thrilling effect on my being – the present moment utterly packed with a satisfaction that touches my core the place where the hurt used to be.

My wife, bless her, will decamp to the kitchen and sit with me. We chat, we listen, we advise, we hold hands, while I drink my tea, before we break up to our respective evening activities.

Thanks for my meal tonight love, it was lovely!

My next blog will be: Valentines Day

William Defoe

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