A Call To Mother

Often when I am at most despondent, I will call out into the emptiness………..

“I want my Mum,  I want my Dad”

It’s a call back to my perception of safety which I must have carried as a child, and retained as an adult in my fifties!

I have never really been able to secure as an adult, a sense of safety and the need for comfort and love has never been far away from my deeply felt emotional life.

Last week, in the midst of grave difficulty, I called my elderly Mother on the telephone.

It is not a step I took lightly, but I had come to a place where I could no longer suppress the truth of the difficulties I face in my marriage.

Everything is hidden, everything is gleaned over at the surface with a  superficial shine which gives my life the appearance of safety, love and security which I do not really have.

I told her that my marriage was in difficulty and that I could no longer suppress this truth from her, oft thinking as I have done, that I would spare her the disappointment of my failings this side of her grave.

She listened, she soothed, she surprised me in offering me a place to live should I need the space.

Oh bless!

She managed to kiss my metaphorical grazed knee, put a plaster upon it and hold me close…… just for a moment, just for enough time to pass, for me to feel safe, before I turned back to face and deal with the problems I have and work them through with my wife.

My next blog will be: “Wayfarers All”

William Defoe

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