Arriving and Departing

How can it be, that two identical journeys, albeit in reverse, can feel so different from each other?

I love the feeling of anticipation, and of nervousness, as I arrive at the airport for my outward journey, but on the reverse journey to depart from the airport, the nervousness is present, but the anticipation has gone.

I have been asking myself how I can best prepare for the end of things, in such a way as to avoid the disappointment of an anti-climax.

The first thing, which may seem quite obvious, is to make sure that I have plenty of rest and relaxation whilst I am on holiday, taking advantage of nice food and drink and the warm weather and most of all the company of those I am with.

Secondly, I try to make sure that I am considerate to the needs of others, particularly my wife, so that there is not a sense on leaving the holiday that we have missed an opportunity to be seen by each other, to have listened, to have talked, to have allowed each other space to think.

Finally, to acknowledge and appreciate the end of things with a sense of gratitude, and recognise that the life, which is deemed as normal and everyday, has its value too.

It is the value in the everyday aspects of life which supports a life of many kinds of arrivals and departures, and in each ending there is always the promise of new beginnings to look forward to if we life our lives in a continuum of arriving and departing.

My next blog will be:  There’s Usually One

William Defoe


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