Blocked Out Windows

I enjoy running, and running is profoundly important to my sense of self and sense of calm.

Whilst running, I notice things within and without and I am surprised at the clarity and clearness of vision which the physical effort brings forth in my mind.

I am a damaged human being, but before I go any further, I would say, that we are all damaged in our own way by the trials and tribulations and joys and successes of our lives.

One day last week, I noticed the blocked out windows in old mill buildings which overlooked the canal footpath on which I was running.

These blocked out windows made me feel sad.

Sad, but not downcast, because these block out windows retained the capacity to see again. Their potential to be a conduit for light and vision remained.

The boarding up could be torn down in an instant by a property restorer worth their good name, because the potential is limitless, the canals, once derelict and broken are restored, lively and vibrant.

And what about those windows blocked out within ourselves, hiding us from a truth which like those canals our understanding of which has most likely developed and changed.

If only we could find the courage to tear down the hoardings and look with open eyes at the beautiful and the ugly; the happy and the sad; the perfect and the broken;

…….. aspects of what it is, that makes us unique, special, purposeful and wonderful human beings that we are, here on this earth, to be in this present moment, of our lives.

My next blog will be: The Futility of Filling the Gaps

William Defoe

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