Over the weekend a very popular local radio presenter Simon Hirst announced to the world that he had changed his name to Stephanie by deed poll and that he is going to undergo a sex change next year.

I marvel at his ability and capacity to be true to self and bring all of his qualities to the world.

The radio presenter had given up his radio show last year in a surprise decision because he with this co-presenters were a very popular breakfast time show, however, it was said briefly that Simon Hirst had decided to leave for family reasons.

The 39 year old radio presenter explained over the last weekend in a radio show that he had informed his mother of his transsexual feelings just before she died last year and that he has now also spoken to his father who respects his sons choices.

This is the important part of this short blog for me – Simon Hirst has brought his truth to himself and to the world and he will experience levels of acceptance and rejection – this is the risk that we all take when we bring truth especially when our truth is different to those around us.

There are those of us who will scoff at the choice he has made and those of us who will embrace his truth – many are calling for him to be re-instated to his radio show as Stephanie

I am very conscious of the deep pain that Simon Hirst will have suffered in handling his feelings privately most likely to himself all of his adult life – I relate to that because I suppressed my gay sexuality for 25 years of marriage due to a fear that i would experience rejection

The most important part of Simon’s journey and also of my own is not really the acceptance of others, important as that is – no, it is the capacity to accept yourself and to bring your truth to the world.

With respect I call Simon his chosen name of Stephanie and I offer him all the best wishes for his future as a woman – he is in my prayers.

If you are struggling to bring all your qualities to the world, seek help and support to enable you to accept your truth and then you will find the strength to bring all of you  – beautiful you – to the world.

My next blog will be:  Love Poems from God

William Defoe

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