This review is concerned with what I have learned about self in 2017.

I have learned that I have further to go on my journey to know and love self and that I still hope for the love and support of others as I finally start to make the tracks which will lead to new beginnings in my life.

I am broken, but that does not mean that I am without hope, it means I am aware of the full extent of my suffering and I have found the means to manage it; by knowing it; by speaking to it; by longing for it to find its true expression.

During 2017, I have searched further and deeper than ever before to find the me within my soul and its clarity and its beauty are calling for me to respond; to be curious; to seek advice; to act with honesty and integrity.

I make no resolutions for the future excepting for my increasing desire to find my life more fully each day by living it in the present.

To live fully is to face the truth head on; it is to find those missing parts which call out constantly from deep within my tormented soul, and to be brave enough to face whatever comes without fear and with hope.

My next blog will be: 2018

William Defoe

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